A long long time ago (1988), in a galaxy not so far away, the ailes at every supermarket were stuffed with cereals pumped by faceless conglomerates making shoddy products and dubious health claims. But a group of brave rebels led by professor Tom Cronje and his wife Tia believed in freedom of choice and were determined to banish blandness from breakfast tables across South Africa.

Armed with an old washing machine and a gas burner as an oven, a rusty lawnmower to mix and an iron to seal packets, the rebels have slowly grown from supplying local grocery stores around Centurion and Johannesburg to now supplying over 400 stores in 6 different countries.

Yet the fight with the conglomerate empires continues. The public, brainwashed through ceaseless advertising, still believes that there are no alternatives or indeed that it deserves no better. Today, we 16 rebels custodians of Tom and Tia’s noble cause, continue the fight.

If you are one of the secret Jedis who would like to help, please tell your friends about us. Word of mouth is the greatest weapon against the Death Star.